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We believe that freedom, success, work-life balance, passion, and dreams are all interconnected. That's why:

Making an experiment is choosing freedom.

It means you can succeed OR you can fail smart (aware enough to have a chance to fix the details) and try again to succeed.

That's why we experiment - to break the ice, to take the first step. we don't believe in waiting for Monday, the first day of the next month, or for all the stars to align before trying. Let's start today!

Our culture is also based on the concept of the "anywhere office".
Yes, anywhere.

We don't wait until vacation to spend a week in a new city, or to visit our loved ones. Nor do we wait until retirement to travel the world and try new flavors. This is because we don't need an office to keep us productive and engaged as a team.

We are driven by trust, responsibility, and goals. Before job titles and degrees, we are humans passionate about achieving a work-life balance. We are highly inspired by geographic freedom, new experiences, and the pursuit of our dreams. We believe that working from anywhere that makes us feel free, happy, creative, and energized is the best way to achieve our goals.

#AnywhereOffice is more than just work, it's a point of view about life itself.

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Our special space is where free spirits belong. Bring your fully authentic and maybe even a little bit crazy soul, and together we'll find magical ways of getting work done.